Online Mixing F.A.Q


Q.Where can I hear mix samples?

A.All Stutterhouse sessions are mixed by Def. You can find mix samples all over this site, especially on the playlist.


Q.When can you get started on my songs?

A.Once you are ready to start mixing, I advice you contact me so we could discuss your project and get an exact understanding of what you want.


Q.How long does it take to mix?

A.Turnaround time for mixing depends on availability and work load. I will endeavor to return a single mix to you in 7 days or even sooner. 


Q.What format do you need my audio in?

A.Audio files should be in the following formats: 16 or 24 bit 44.1, 48 or 96 Khz For syncing purposes, all audio files should be bounced/rendered from Bar one, Beat one.


Q.What happens next?

A.When the track has been mixed, I will send you a copy so you could start reviewing the mix. I offer a total of 3 mix reviews per track in order to get the track as great as you like. Once you are completely happy, I'll send you 24 bit, 44.1 Khz Master audio files of the main mix, alcapella, instrumental and any other versions you require.


Q.How long do you keep my files?

A.The files will be on my system for 3 weeks, after which I will send you all the data files of your session, so you can store them for your own archive purposes.


Q.How can I contact you directly?

A.You can contact me at or use the site's contact form.