Mix Music Online With Stutterhouse Mix

Get your hands on our budget friendly music mixing service.

"Mix Music Online for a budget price of £50!"

All songs will be mixed by Def, so you're sure to be getting over 10 years experience in music mixing and audio engineering. The mixing process will be mostly "In the box" using the most sophisticated plugins out in the music industry. Due to varied workloads on out studio, please always enquire for availabilty before purchase.





Intel Core i3 – 8GB – 64 bit iMac

Dual Core – 4GB Macbook

Focusrite Scarlette 6i6 Audio Interface

Equator Audio Research D5 Monitors

AKG K701 monitoring headphones studio1





Apple Logic Studio 





A large list of High- end plugins from companies such as Waves / Soundtoys / Fabfilter / Izotope Flux / Brainworks / SPL / Acoustic Audio Melda Productions





24 Tracks Mixing Service for £50. With this, you'll get

44.1kHz/24bit unmastered mix

High quality MP3

Up to three mix revisions

DVDr backup of your mix session

Vocal up, vocal down and instrumental/accapella mix versions

Finished mixes downloadable online

Online approval copy of your mix





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Alternatively, you could upload using your prefered File Transfer Service and email me the download link. I personally would recommend using dropbox as it's well integrated with my computers. Get Dropbox


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