Nothing Lasts Forever


Oh!/ The storm is coming now/ Nothing lasts forever/ No!/ See I won't be around/ I'm heading for the door/ I'm heading for the door/ So tell me now/  

Remember back then/ Back when we were friends/ I said I'd always love you/ That was back then/ Everything's changed/ It will never be the same/ You didn't keep it real/ You chose to play the game/ Are both of us to blame?/ Or does it even matter?/ I gave all I had/ You stabbed me with a dagger/ I know you never loved me/ I know you didn't care/ I stuck to the rules but you didn't play fair/ And I don't blame the kids/ They just want to live/ It's a fact that you're selfish/ Youdon't know how to give/ All you do is take/ And you wonder why I hate/ I'm not saying that i'm perfect/ We all make mistakes/ So sorry for when I met you/ Sorry for this pen/ Sorry for the fact that we won't love again/ Thank you for the hugs/ Thank you for the kisses/ Thank you for the future/ Can I get a witness?/ 


I'm packin all my bags/ And headin for the door/ I gave all I had/ But you still wanted more/ Yeah I tried to ignore/ But thtruth wouldn't let me/ I tried to explain and you just didn't get me/ Now all you do is stress me/ Tell me what you need/ I don't ever see the love/ I can only see the greed/ It's so easy to please the one you call your soul mate/ This can't be love/ It's like an episode of Hell Date/ This can't be life/ I feel dead inside/ This can't be right/ Cos I lost all my pride/ I tried to stick around/ But everyday is getting harder/ We're not gettin any younger/ We're not gettin any smarter/ And you don't even bother/ You lost your ambition/ You don't look me in the eye/ It's like you tired of livin/ Life's not for the givin/ It's for those who choose to make it/ But I don't understand why you chose to fake it/