Lonely Heart



Footsteps on the porch/ Fireflies and the moon dance/ Lightening strikes for a while/ If only you knew/ Shadows cast upon the snow/ A lonely heart outside my window/ A breath of air although it’s cold/ If only you knew/


How it feels to love/ How it feels to love/ How it feels to know/ You’ve got someone/ Who cares for you/ And loves you For who you are/ But you’re just a Lonely Heart/

Private calls on my cell/ I pick the line but no one’s there/ I hear a knock on my door/ If only you knew/ I check the email once again/ I wonder how you know my name/ A police parked outside my house/ Well if only you knew/


And I know/ Just How you feel/ Got a wounded soul/ And it just won’t heal/ You see the world From a different view/ Cos all your life It’s been just you/ Well If only you know/