Bragging Right


Shey u dey out ur mind / I dey drop madlines/ I rock the stages & the ladies / I get braggin rights/ X2

Now what's the problem probably/ About rockin the stage get proud of me/ Why are we hating Be my mon ami/ Cos I'm constantly/ making cats believe/ that I'm d Illest in this Bizness/ My wish is getting these Niggaz/ to witness d way i viciously/ kill Lyricist now did u hear this?/ Now i know you wont believe us/ couple of months be a Public figure/ Lots of diva's to work with/ just to please us / then you'll love to see us/ Why other rappers don't get me left me & respect me/ I don't know who you are Maybe I'm a shooting star/ opposite direction check me/ Rap warrior Competitions I dragged till I finished/ Couple of lyrics with d swag and I did it/ Come to think of the fact that I'm in it A plot to beef me will be bad cuz I'll kill it/ I'm naughty by nature/ Confront me I'll face ya/ Don't love I'll hate ya/ You call me tresh wt a rude behaviour/


Better believe the hype is real/ I may be the guy wt the skills/ you can like me still be freezing the market wheels/ you wait till I grab this deal/ I've gat that zeel/ B4 now couldn't wait to just spit it out/ Hoping to be on front pages nuf ladies nuf places/ can u see me now?/ Come rock wt this/ Rugged piece crunking wt style/ gonna get wild/ Meanwhile She's twerking so hard/ I think someones gonna get defiled/ I'm d geek of d rap game/ I do programming I'm not lame/ GOD damnit! I'm young and I got flame/ Captian right here/ ya'll on ma team?.../ The hunger the cheese the paper/ More cliques more danger/ I will be greater/ more beats I'll take em'/ I'll please d maker/ Gat the mind of a "boy scout" Y'all know d motto "be prepared"/ I see the light at the end of the tunnel/ I'm about to get this bread/